Though born in Michigan, Michael spent most of his early years growing up in Los Angeles.


     He entered the U.S. Army in his late teens, training and working in a variety of specialities, including: light weapons and tactics, demolition and mine warfare, chemical, radiological and biological warfare and radar mapping, before becoming a Green Beret. In the Berets he served as an Intelligence Sergeant on an A team. He left the Army, as a Sergeant First Class, to become a police officer.

     Michael was a member of the San Diego Police Department for thirty-six years. In his police career he worked in Field Operations, SWAT and Investigations before retiring in 2005.

   After retiring, he became a man tracker for the San Diego Sheriff Department's Search and Rescue Team. He remained in that position for seven years. He is currently a member of the San Diego Tracking Team and leads animal behavior and tracking walks as a docent for San Diego's Mission Trails Regional Park.


  Michael has an AA in Police Science and a BA in Business Administration.


   He has extensive wilderness survival knowledge learned in the military and as a wilderness backpacker. He is an animal behaviorist with particular interest in scent-hunter/scent-prey relationships and alarm communications within the wild animal community.

   And lastly, Michael has spent decades studying the hunter-gatherer cultures of North America, in particular the Northern Plains tribes.


      Michael O. Gibbs

Author's Works

Novels:           High Plains Warrior: Spirit Wolf

                        High Plains Warrior: Shadow Path (Due 2018)

Novellas:        High Plains Warrior: Turtle and the Lion

                        High Plains Warrior: Savage Reprisal

Short Story:   High Plains Warrior: Sacred Bundle

                        High Plains Warrior: The Path

                        High Plains Warrior: Banished

                        The Upside Down Rainbow

                        A Celebration of Life

                        The Unteam Player

                        Room 201