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High Plains Warrior Novels


      Michael O. Gibbs

    Though born in Michigan, Michael spent most of his early years growing up in Los Angeles.


     He entered the U.S. Army in his late teens, training and working in a variety of specialties, including: light weapons and tactics, demolition and mine warfare, chemical, radiological and biological warfare and radar mapping, before becoming a Green Beret. In the Berets he served as an Intelligence Sergeant on an A team. He left the Army, as a Sergeant First Class, to become a police officer.

     Michael was a member of the San Diego Police Department for thirty-six years. In his police career he worked in Field Operations, SWAT and Investigations before retiring in 2005.

   After retiring, he became a man tracker for the San Diego Sheriff Department's Search and Rescue Team. He remained in that position for seven years. He is currently a member of the San Diego Tracking Team, leads animal behavior and tracking walks as a docent for San Diego's Mission Trails Regional Park, and leads  groups on tracking walks in the Laguna Mountains.


  Michael has an AA in Police Science and a BA in Business Administration.


    He has extensive wilderness survival knowledge learned in the military and as a wilderness backpacker. He is an animal behaviorist with particular interest in scent-hunter/scent-prey relationships and alarm communications within the wild animal community.

    And lastly, Michael has spent decades studying the hunter-gatherer cultures of North America, in particular the Northern Plains tribes.

Author's Works


              High Plains Warrior Novel: Spirit Wolf

              High Plains Warrior Novel: Shadow Path

              High Plains Warrior Novel: Crow Child  (Due in  2022)


   Short Stories:

                The Upside Down Rainbow

                A Celebration of Life

                The Unteam Player

                Room 2011

                TKO                                                      (To be announced)


                A Gift of Words                                  (To be announced)


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