Michael O. Gibbs is a member and co-organizer of the San Diego Writer's Meetup Group. Members of our group have written and published a large number of books since 2015. Several are listed below. To visit us Google:   meetup.com San Diego Writers Group

Other writers and their books from the San Diego Writers Group.

Travis Lee

"A boy is half-American, half-Chinese and looks fully Chinese, minus a pair of striking blue eyes.

When the boy’s father suffers a fatal stroke, the boy heads out to find his mother, only to get carried away by the people sea. A run-in with the police leads to him being rescued by a man who also looks fully Chinese . . . minus a pair of striking blue eyes."

J. D. Wallace

First in the SILENT CATS series, JD Wallace's Deadly Dance spins the mind-bending, genre-blurring fictionalized true story based on the life of Kat, the youngest Kidon Katsa Assassin in the history of Mossad, and her husband, Pantera, the fabled Chief Black Site Interrogator, who worked under such special access programs as the Operation Copper Green (created under Donald Rumsfeld), the United Nations Security Council – Special Operations Group (UN-SOG), and Task Forces 88 and 121.

David Larson

This author has written eight novels/books, four were ghost written

Johnathan Jennings chronicles his travels from Pittsburgh to San Francisco in 1849 to resume his mercantile trade. He brings with him his wife and four children, two yoke of oxen and 2,500 lbs of supplies. But even before they depart Independence Missouri, 17-year-old Sarah is struck down by a fever and slips into a coma. Doctors confirm she will die. With his heart asunder, Johnathan Jennings writes in his journal, "We have left too much" as he takes his remaining family West.

Surprisingly, three months later, Sarah lives and begins writing her own journal. To survive, she tells of how she borrows money which unknowingly puts her into servitude at a brothel. As her horror unfolds, separately her father and brother recount their mounting struggles. Their journal entries, letters and postings now woven together, we follow the threads of the Jennings family until their journals and their authors reunite, whatever remains of them, three years later.

Travel with the Jennings while they fight a lawless land, the elements, fate, and their hearts' desire to reclaim their lives – and forge a new path West.

J. Donohue

When three beautiful girls invite teenager Dawn Jameson to complete the nine trials necessary to become a Fate, she doesn’t believe they’re actually goddesses with the ability to control time. Accepting their challenge lightly, Dawn dabbles in the powers the Fates claim she has, and events slip out of control in her small hometown of Blacksburg, Virginia. When a young girl dies, Dawn tries to quit the trials, but the Fates won’t let her. They promise consequences worse than death if she doesn’t learn to control her abilities.