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A Book of Poetry

A Gift of Words

(To be announced)



A distant bell tolls, its soulful melody confessing loneliness to the brooding night. Being alone is such poverty.


Come share with me, this while, this quiet time, these tinder words. Let fade into the shadows the distant whispers of your day. And set free, for these moments, the sweet honesty of your fancies.


I bid you welcome, fellow wanderer. I wish you warmth and companionship.  

Relax now.  We’re off on a whim, a fantasy retreat from the drudgery of this and all other days.


Reach out with your senses… embrace, for a time, the seclusion arranged by the words of these poems. And know that I am by your side, here to share with you distant journeys of the soul. 


My need is to gift to you the profoundness of shared emotion and to savor these few moments of your life, these that I am now privileged to share.


So, set the outside world aside and imagine some distant sanctuary, some idyllic setting wherein this journey… is as profound as any emotion… and all that you wish it to be. Come, run away for a time… and surrender yourself to the depths of soulful notion.


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